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Digital Forensic and

E-Discovery Services

ESI offers a full range of Digital Forensic and E-Discovery Services to law firms, government entities and agencies, educational institutions, corporations and individuals, including

Seizure of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) from all sources, such as    
     Computers, workstations and laptops
     GPS Devices
     Cell phones

Forensic Imaging
     Hardware write blockers
     All popular formats supported
     Hashed and verified

Chain of Custody documentation

Locating and recovering ESI that may appear to be inaccessible through forensic processes, including
     instant messages,
     internet usage,
     web sites visited,
     applications run,
     remote access
     financial records
     and much more

Analyzing ESI, for example,
     Child Pornography (CP) cases, retrieving and analyzing data to determine sources, when and how and who acquired, whether viewed by user, determining search terms used, recovering chats
     Creating and analyzing timelines of user activity
     Analyzing ESI for evidence of authenticity, modification or alteration
     Accessing password protected files, programs and drives
     Determining what usb devices were attached and when
     Determining if data was removed via usb device, email, cloud storage, etc.
     Determining whether data was wiped or deleted, when it was deleted, what was deleted and how

Experienced in many types of cases, civil and criminal, including
     business disputes
     child pornography
     child predator/traveler/solicitation
     sexual harassment/battery

     e-discovery matters
     internal investigations
     financial fraud
     mortgage fraud
     tax fraud
     insurance fraud
     corporate espionage
     corporate theft
     former employees
     computer fraud and abuse
     trade secrets
     personal injury
     medical malpractice
     network intrusion
     identity theft
     email tracing
     drug cases

Expert witness testimony in state and federal court